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Trace Consulting
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Trace Consulting is a Belgian limited liability company (SRL) recently created (November 2021), which aims, both in Belgium and abroad, to provide advice, studies, consultations and auditing in the field of risk assessment for humans and the environment, and training in health and environmental sciences.

Its two founders, Philippe ADRIAN, PhD and Eric BUREAU, Agricultural Engineer, have a wide experience in various fields related to agrochemistry.

Philippe ADRIAN, PhD

Philippe ADRIAN has a long history in research in Germany (Society for Radiation and Environmental Research, Munich), at the CNRS in France and has held various positions in international agrochemical companies (Rhône-Poulenc Agrochimie, FMC).
He founded his own consultancy company CEHTRA with Pierre Gérard Pontal, a toxicologist and has also worked for various regulatory bodies (Comité des Toxiques, France and European Commission) as well as for numerous clients in the chemical sector.

Eric BUREAU, Ingénieur agronome

Eric BUREAU began his career at CIRAD working on the implementation of a warning system to control banana Sigatoka in the West Indies and West Africa.
He then worked in Latin America as a regional scientific and technical cooperation expert for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Union of Banana Exporting Countries (UPEB).
Finally, he worked as a development and application engineer in crop protection for the company TotalEnergies.


TRACE Consulting works closely with CEHTRA SAS

TRACE Consulting works closely with CEHTRA SAS, France on various issues and for regulatory expertise on plant protection substances and products.

Do not hesitate to contact them and more particularly Mrs Estelle Beltran, PhD for questions related to plant protection products, adjuvants and fertilisers.


A better phytosanitary strategy against black Sigatoka

We also work in the field of crop protection. In this context, we are actively involved in the development of Sigatocare, an application created by ITK to optimize the control of Black Sigatoka of banana and plantain.